"The choices you make today decide who you are tomorrow."

-Matt Hurley



There’s no financial privilege or ivy league degree in his story. Hurley built his first companies on hustle and hard work. Now he’s inspiring that same drive in others.

Private Sector Investor

Hurley stands in the gap between the idealists of the Valley and wolves of Wall Street, calling out greedy executives and Silicon Valley’s asinine promises for tomorrow.

Action-Oriented Motivation

A product of his never-say-die approach to both business and personal affairs, Hurley takes shots at the apathy that’s killing our current generation.

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Matt Hurley, leveraging his business and life experience, is a genuine and compelling speaker. His insights into the world of entrepreneurship are both enlightening and practical, and his energy is just right to engage the audience from start to finish. Send Matt a request for booking.


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